Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Checking In With TSC

The Second Coming run by our buddy Kyle Slavin is quickly turning into one of my routine stops as I surf the Internet. Kyle has a very unique perspective on the NBA, and he is guaranteed to entertain, educate, and inform, you! In my book any NBA website that can do that is definitely worth frequenting. Kyle's latest article is entitled; Stories to Love: The 2008-09 NBA Season.

Here's a taste:

The NBA’s history is like a Rolodex. Flip to a year, and you know exactly what’s on that card. The cards are titled by champions, and cross-referenced by their storyline. Dynasties are color-coated for easy reference. Facts about strong teams exist only for comparison, and losers are forgotten forever.

But, for each of those seasons - for each card - there were over 1,500 games played: opening games, Christmas Day games, conference finals, all forgotten about. Almost all of the great stories must have been swept under the carpet…we simply don’t have the cranial square footage to keep the information. There is no longer talk about the magical night a no-name scored 50 points, or the underdog caught fire and beat the favorite in overtime. Superhuman efforts and improbable moments have been lost. Sadly, inevitably, the memory fades under the weight of large numbers, as the games begin to pile upon themselves.

Kyle goes on to tell the stories that may make the Rolodex card for the 2008-2009 . Check out the entire article at The Second Coming.

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